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On this page, i will place some projects created by me~

Projects created by when i am an undergradute student of USTC🙁And all source codes  are licensed by GPL3.0以下是一些我本科做的一些小玩意儿,所有代码都用GPL3.0协议发布.)

  • An PWM generater ip core(一个生成PWM的IP):this is a ip core writen in verilog lauguage aimed at generating pwm wave at real time.You can download the source code of the project in the following address:
  • An 8088 IP core(8088CPU的IP核) writen in verilog, this is a opensource ip core create by HaoxiangLi and me,the ip core has implemented 40+ 8088 instructions.You can view the project home in Google Code. And you can download it from my Skydrive:
  • An NRF24L01 Communication(NRF24L01的通信模块) project,this a subproject of RoboGame@USTC. It can make the main robot board communication with the control hand board using NRF24L01.Download address:

  1. Murphy
    2011年11月27日01:07 | #1

    那个我想请问一下,8088IP核您是用什么编译器编译的,我用modelsim和xilinx ISE Design suite都会报错。
    还有就是PWM 和 NRF2410L都无法下载,求代码!谢谢谢谢~~~

  2. 2011年11月27日20:30 | #2

    quartus 8还是什么的,当时选的fpga大改是 xx10K的

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  4. Murphy
    2011年11月28日04:31 | #4


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